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My Story
jordan jeandon

Why am I here ? I'm an aspiring "Francunian" having recently made my way across the Channel from the sunny South of France to Manchester. To explain things in more detail, let's take a quick flash-back !


1990 : The Birth.

Jordan Jeandon is born in the capital of Burgundy; surrounded by wine and mustard. It is said having the same initials in your first and last name brings fortune: "May the luck be with him."


2005-2008 : The Teenage story.

Jordan practises rugby, swimming but dabbles in a bit of fencing. Baccalauréat exams are soon. The boy dreams about about future and all the opportunities of being independant. The idea of creating a clothing brand is in his mind. He already flocks t-shirts for his friends with his mum's iron.


2008-2012 : Finding a path.

Jordan spends 2 years trying his hand at a range of academic disiplines including Medecine, Architecture, History of Art, and different jobs like Nurse Officer at a centre for autistic young people and Summer Camp Manager. It's finally in Business Communication that Jordan finds his true passion.


2012-2013 : The Dutch way of life.

It seems to be a cliché but spending a year abroad does open your eyes. Jordan tastes event organisation in a cross-cultural area as co-creator of Le Son des Cigales. He knows from that point on that he has to travel again.


2013-2015 : The entrepreneur.

Jordan learns how to silkscreen print and builds his own machine. He starts a first project called Le Marcel, but his first entrepreneurial attempt wasn't a success. It's the moment to bounce back and move on. So Lundi Midi is launched in November 2013 and the business evolves rapidly over two years. Jordan takes even part in an "incubateur", an entrepreneur society at university in Lyon. For his second masters, he writes his dissertation: "To communicate efficiently: the entrepreneur's challenge facing problems of money, team and time."


2015-2016 : The life decision.

After completing his studies and returning home to his mama's, he knows that it is time to move on and travel with his work. Lundi Midi can be managed efficiently on the weekends from any part of the world. He has time to focus on different and exciting projects, even freelance work. He wants to face challenging problems to increase his knowledge. Manchester is the perfect opportunity!

Jordan can bring you more than you can expect. He adapts quickly to any situation with his capability to mix smooth creativity and strict oragnisation


Interview with Trafalgar Magazine

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